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    Ortho SA specializes in orthopedic care and treats injuries from the knee to your spine and everything in between. Our certified orthopedic specialists, Dr. Morrey and Dr. Sarfani are both experienced in the field and provide our patients with the utmost care.

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  • Amigos en Medicina

    Amigos en Medicina

    With a mission to provide access to healthcare for Southside residents of San Antonio, Ortho SA has partnered up with Christus Health and UIW physical therapy/medical students to make this possible.

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  • Our Injection Clinic

    Our Injection Clinic

    Meant to treat inflammation in the body, Joint injections are a quick and easy procedure where a needle is inserted into the affected area to help relieve swelling or other uncomfortable joint conditions such as

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  • The Prevention of Injuries

    The Prevention of Injuries

    There is great deals of interest in injury prevention among athletes at all levels. Unfortunately there are some injuries that aren't preventable.

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  • Surgery Is Not Always The Answer

    Surgery Is Not Always The Answer

    Visiting the doctor and being told you need surgery may be frightening, but it doesn't always happen. While there are certain diagnoses that always call for surgery, there are numerous others that do not.

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