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Orthopedic Doctors That Prioritize Your Needs

At Ortho San Antonio, our orthopedic doctors’ main concern is and always has been the complete and total recovery of the patient. When it comes to sports medicine and orthopedic needs, Ortho San Antonio is a step above the rest. Our state of the art technology plus the advice and treatment from our highly skilled surgeons provide the perfect environment for recovery. Each of our orthopedic surgeons have their own unique specializations that make finding the right treatment easier than ever. When dealing with an orthopedic injury, you want a doctor that specializes in your specific injury. This attention to detail is what makes Ortho San Antonio an ideal choice for your treatment and recovery.

The Ortho Care Rooted in Empathy

Not only do we have orthopedic surgeons who specialize in orthopedic sports medicine, but they also understand the pain and frustration that follows a sports injury. Our sports medicine expert, Dr. Matthew Murray, had a severe sports injury when he was younger and it was there that he realized his passion was in medicine. Because of this past experience, Dr. Murray approaches each patients’ needs with an empathetic sense of understanding that lends to better diagnosis, better treatment, and overall better care.

More Time for Each Patient

In addition to the specializations and high quality treatment, our orthopedic surgeons make sure they are giving their patients more considerate consultations and appointments. Our surgeons make it a point to treat patients differently than they might have been treated in the past. Dr. Morrey, Dr. Murray, Dr. Navarro, Dr. DeLee, Dr. Burns, Dr. Hinchey, Dr. Adams and Dr. Jorgenson understand that in busy practices, patients tend to lose that personal touch and end up feeling more like they are in an assembly line. At Ortho San Antonio, our doctors spend more time to get to know their patients and really understand their injuries and needs so that the quality of life of every patient is highly improved.

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